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The Crew 2 - Landmarks

I was in charge of lighting all the landmarks of the USA central zones (Far West, Great Canyon, MidAtlantic and Rockies). Here are some of landmarks that I lit into these zones.

Level Artists : Bastien Blando, Fabian Bodet, Martin Brunet, Christophe Doldo, Coralie Gibergues, Lilian Helsly, Nathanaël Millet, Pierre-Yves Minel, Christophe Neverre and Marie-Adeline Rohard

Julien debono pic 20180824 125138 3840x2160 copy

Yellowstone North Entrance

Julien debono pic 20180802 135424 3840x2160 copy

Fairmont Banff Springs Entrance

Julien debono pic 20180802 135639 3840x2160 copy

Fairmont Banff Springs

Julien debono pic 20180823 134629 3840x2160 copy

Jackson Hole

Julien debono pic 20180823 134443 3840x2160 copy

Jackson Town Square

Julien debono pic 20180824 124212 3840x2160 copy

Mount Rushmore

Julien debono pic 20180808 132337 3840x2160 copy

Pikes Peak - Observatory

Julien debono pic 20180808 132519 3840x2160 copy

Pikes Peak - Radar Antennas

Julien debono pic 20180823 132807 3840x2160 copy

St. George Utah Temple

Julien debono pic 20180824 131407 3840x2160 copy

Winslow Arizona

Julien debono pic 20180824 133349 3840x2160 copy